Household Security While Renting


How to Open a Safe When You've Forgotten the Combination

You may keep a safe at home to store and protect important documents and items; however, you may not need to use the safe all that regularly. Once you've stored stuff in there, you may not need to open the safe again for a long while if you don't need to get at or add to the contents. If you're not regularly opening your safe, however, then you may find that you've fo

3 Guidelines When Getting A Second Hand Safe

Choosing to invest in a safe for your home is smart if you own jewellery, antiques and other valuables that you want protected from potential burglars. While there is a choice between new and second hand safes at your disposal, the latter option will be easier on your pocket. But before you get a second hand safe, make sure you consider and follow these guidelines: Ma

The Top Advantages of Switching to A Keyless Entry Door Lock System

Door locks are crucial to the security of your home. For this reason, you will want to pay little extra attention when choosing a door lock for your home. While keyed door locks have existed for years, their keyless counterparts have become quite popular amongst homeowners over the recent past. That's because keyless door lock systems come with plenty of benefits for

Does Your Business Need a Master Key System?

It doesn't matter how big or small your business may be, security is likely to be one of your primary concerns. Protecting your assets, stock, confidential information and even any cash you keep on your premises can all come down to who has a key to get into and around your building. Even if you trust all your employees implicitly, giving everyone access to all areas

Is It a Good Idea to Have All Your Locks Keyed Alike?

If you're tired of carrying around a heavy key chain with multiple keys to your home on it, then you may be considering changing the way your property's locks work. Having your locks rekeyed alike could reduce the number of keys you carry to just one. Is this a good idea? What is Keying Alike? Locksmiths can key or rekey a series of locks so that they can all be opene